Sertifikat CIQS 2022
Piagam Zero accident 2019-3
Piagam Zero accident 2019-1
Piagam Zero accident 2019-2
MKN OHSAS expire 2021-1
MKN OHSAS expire 2021-1
MKN ISO 9001 expire 2021-1
MKN ISO 9001 expire 2021-1

HSE Management System

MKN has ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 since 2009, with this certification the entire management and employees have propped reference related to the management of health and safety in the workplace. In every activity MKN put safety as a top priority, this is reflected in the QHSE policy of MKN.

Safety Program

In order to realize a safe and healthy workplace, the safety department make some programs in order to prevent incidents in the workplace, including:
  1. Hazard Identification, ensure any potential hazards identified in any operations and we continue to make efforts  to reduce the risk level of each job so that each job can be done safely, to avoid accidents.

  2. Compliance to Law and Client’s Regulation, in each of our operational activities, we make efforts to always comply with applicable the law and client’s regulations realted with the operation of MKN.

  3. Safety Inspection, as preventive measures to prevent occupational injuries, we routinely conduct inspections to ensure that employees and equipment in a safe condition in the job.

  4. Behaviour Based Safety Program, since 2013 MKN has developing programs that oriented to the behavior of the employees in order to increase employee awareness towards safety.

  5. Training, every employee is provided with training in order to increase knowledge, understanding, and improve competence in every job.

  6. Preparedness and Emergency Response, to raise awareness in the event of an emergency, MKN regularly conducts emergency response training for employees and emergency response teams.

  7. Internal Audit, in order to evaluate the extent to which the implementation of the safety management system, MKN routinely held  an internal audit twice a year and Audi Surveillance by DQS once a year.

  8. Safety Meeting, in order to disseminate any safety program, the Department is regularly hold weekly Safety  Meetings for all employees and 3 Monthly Safety Meetings for Safety Committee (P2K3).

HSE Achievement

  •  Zero LTI Award
  •  Regent of East Kutai 2012 & 2015
  •  Governor of East Kalimantan 2012 & 2015
  • Minister of Manpower and Transmigration 2015
  •  Silver Award associated with K3 Program Compliance by KPC

Good Corporate Governance

MKN code of ethics applicable to all directors and employees of PT MKN wherever located with the aim to become a code of conduct in carrying out business activities in accordance with the development and needs of the company in achieving the growth targets set out in its Vision and Mission.
MKN as group Bakrie is committed to further improve the management of the company according to the principles of Good Corporate Governance which is based on the basic values of the company better known as “TRIMATRA BAKRIE”, namely:
Indonesianity (Ke-Indonesiaan)
The perspectives, motives and actions of each employee of MKN in strengthening the spirit of unity in diversity which is based on faith and devotion to God Almighty.
Expediency (Ke-Manfaatan)
The perspectives, motives and actions of each employee of MKN prioritizing the effectiveness and efficiency of resources to improve the quality of better life.
Togetherness (Ke-Bersamaan)
The perspectives, motives and actions of each employee of MKN that promote synergies in diversity in order to go forward and thrive together.
Implementation of the above three basic values will make every employee of MKN be a professional resource, has a high integrity, competent, independent and responsible for the future that will be achieved in accordance with the vision and mission of the company.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

As one of the subsidiaries of the largest local company group, Bakrie Group, PT. Multi Kontrol Nusantara is focusing to increasing profits in sll its business activities. However, we are fully aware that the profits derived from the company’s business activities is influenced by various factors, from within the company (internal) and outside the company (external). Particularly to external factors, one of the things that are necessary is good relationship with the people and environment that exist around the area where the company conducts its business.
The sustainability of the company’s business activity is an important factor and a major focus of the company’s management. Realizing that it is also influenced by some external factors earlier, the company strives to always give priority to social responsibility (CSR) towards society and environment. The focus of the company in social responsibility activities is in the field of education, environment and health.
Here’s a glimpse of some of the social responsibility activities that have been undertaken by the company in recent months.
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