About Us

PT MULTI KONTROL NUSANTARA (MKN) is an investment holding company focusing in information technology and telecommunications, and its headquarter is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its CEO is Didit Ardyanto​, a highly respected and well-known businessman in the country.

Started out as a subsidiary of Bakrie & Brothers in August 1984 as a company that engage in telecommunication infrastructure and technology solution, then breaching out in multimedia sector, MKN played a significant role in the establishment of Indonesia’s first fixed-wireless telecommunications provider.

Our Culture

The Balance of Three


A Balance of Initiative (Past, Present, and Future)

We see every action as defined by an initiative – a goal which serves a trajectory path for planning and execution. In MKN, every initiative must be created in the equilibrium of our past, our present, and our future. We believe that good initiatives are the fruits of a sound contemplation of the past, a solid analysis of the future, and a profound understanding of the present.

A Balance of Focus (Partners, Employees, and Customers)

Every solution that MKN delivers contributes to its three key stakeholders, namely partners, employees, and customers. In creating the best solutions, MKN is committed to keeping a balance between optimum partnership, effective employee productivity, and continuous customer relationship.

Future Focus

With this balance in mind, we are presently building our future focus of becoming the ultimate specialist in telecommunications network infrastructure and construction. Through this double-pronged approach, MKN is incessantly evolving to accommodate the increasingly varied needs of its customers, serving their interest through the best and most economical solutions possible.

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